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We stock a large selection of the Lila Loves It collection. We love the high quality products, natural ingredients and strong ethos behind the brand. We are sure that you will love them too and that they will become a key part of your dogs health care regime. The extensive collection includes products for nose to tail health and grooming for your dog. 


Based in Munich since 2013, LILA LOVES IT's mission is: SANA CANEM - HEAL THE DOG. They have been researching, developing and producing high quality animal care products that are suitable for all breeds of dogs and are convinced of the combined power of natural science and medicinal knowledge in relation to natural products.
They pay special attention to the quality and origin of the ingredients they use in our products, as well as how they’re processed. Lavender Oil from Provence, Rose Oil from Bulgaria, and medicinal ingredients from Finland compliment the high quality substances from their local region. All their products are produced in Munich under sanitary conditions and under the watch of pharmacists.
The company was inspired by their dog Lila. Lila’s ears were inflamed, and they wanted to avoid using cortisone ointments at all costs so they developed the FIRST AID+ Serum. Natural ingredients in combination with innovative medicine made for people – organic meets high tech. It worked: the itch was gone, the scratching stopped, and the inflammation decreased and their product range grew from there. 

THEIR BRAND MISSIONS                  

Animal Protection
All of the pH-independent products, like the FIRST AID Serum, for example, were successfully tested on themselves. They are do not support animal testing. 
Environmental Protection

As a company that takes its sense of responsibility seriously, They value the concept of FAIR TRADE and ensure the fair payment of their suppliers and partners accordingly. All of their products are based on sustainably grown raw materials to preserve the resources of our environment. The natural ingredients are grown organically.

Keeping the contents transparent

They manufacture all of their products adhering to the same standards as cosmetic products produced for humans and disclose the origin and composition of their ingredients. A complete list of ingredients can be found on the back of the package and/or on the package insert.

Social Responsibility

As one of the first companies in Germany, they have committed themselves to the CSR-Prädikates des BWA (Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade). Corporate Social Responsibility means as a company and all its functions, submitting to a code of conduct.

Their Quality Guarantee 

They ensure that their products are manufactured to the highest standards, which are the regulations used for cosmetics intended for human use. Based in Munich, they research, develop and produce our high quality products in cleanroom laboratory conditions under the constant watch of a pharmacist. These conditions make it possible for LILA LOVES IT to meet their standards of effective and gentle dog care. This technical diligence is combined with the use of ultrapure water, which is also chemical-free. Through the process of steam distillation, they obtain the organic essential oils that are of the highest quality. The hyaluronic acid they use is highly purified and free from any allergy-causing ingredients.




Liladent Dental Care is a mild but effective toothpaste. It intensively cleans the teeth while nourishing the gums and oral mucosa – thanks to the optimal ingredients. The oral flora is optimised and stabilised with a long-lasting effect. When used regularly, LILADENT DENTAL-CARE has a prophylactic effect against dental plaque, tartar and bad breath. It is neutral in odour and taste – making it well accepted by all pets. Excessive bacterial colonisation in the oral cavity and on teeth is thus prevented. LILADENT DENTAL-CARE makes a sustainable contribution to the health of your pet. The combination of ingredients developed by pharmacists and vets provides a highly effective balm which has been carefully processed in our factory to pharmaceutical standards.


This handy eye care product gently loosens crusts and dirt stuck around your pet’s eye. Aloe vera, sea salt and euphrasia (eyebright) provide for a gentle cleansing of the area around the eye – without causing burning. The powerful combination with marigold helps to soothe and regenerate the eye area. With EYE CARE crusts and adhesions are gently dissolved. EYE CARE relieves itching and provides for a good skin condition, thus helping to protect against recurrence of bacterial colonisation. EYE CARE is particularly gentle on the area around the eyes.


This moisturising spray by Lila Loves It contains valuable minerals and vegetable extracts to provide intensive nourishment to your pet’s skin and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier against external influences.

Valuable sea salt and magnesium sustainably supply the skin with minerals. Aloe vera, which hazel and quince extract support the regeneration process of the skin. Scaly and irritated skin is moisturised, thus effectively relieving itchiness.


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